Sorry blogger, we've moved on...

Hi!  We don't post here any more.  Please go to AncientHeatDisco.com to see what we've been up to!


Our record's out soon...

 that's the test pressing.  it sounds real nice.  I can't wait until you can have one, too.  just a few more weeks!


Buy A Shirt!

Check it out, hand screen printed by the band!  These super-comfy Alternative Apparel shirts sell without the print for about $25...but because we really want you to have one, we're selling ours for $20 plus shipping.

do it do it!


Show this Thursday At Holocene!

Hey, we're playing this Thursday with Reporter and Starlight & Magic. It's gonna be awesome but also a little sad. Our drummer Patrick has moved to Seattle, this will be his last time playing with us. We're pretty bummed about it but A/H goes on. On a happier note, we've made some limited edition t-shirts that will be available at the show! We aren't making very many so if you want one, come see us at Holocene!


6/10/11, Someday Lounge

Last night was dope, thanks to everyone at Someday for making us look and sound so good!



Vitamin G (Brendan from A/H) selects records for your enjoyment, including an array of old & new disco, Dub, Dancehall and brand new unreleased Ancient Heat mixes!  
Tiga, Tuesday, 6/7/11, 9pm, 21+, free


We've been up to something!

just finished a couple of very productive days at Revolver Studios!  Check out these pictures from the session:

 master engineer, collin hegna:


Ancient Heat-Slap & Gallop

so i re-edited Cerrone's video for Love in C Minor to make it fit to our song, Slap & Gallop.  It would be wrong of me to say it's an improvement...but it's definitely pretty cool.


last night blew my mind

thanks to everyone who came!  everyone sounded great, i'll post pictures and video as they surface...in the mean time, check outStarlight and Magic and Purple n Green, they're awesome.


A/H to play Supernature

I'm excited to announce that Ancient Heat will be playing the 3 Year Anniversary Party for Supernature, one of Portland's best dance nights.  Also on the bill are White Rainbow's new project, Purple 'n' Green and Starlight & Magic.  Purple 'n' Green played Holocene with us last Saturday and they killed it!  The show starts at 9:00 Friday March 18 at Rotture, $5, 21+


Studio 69, Holocene, 2-12-11

all photos by Rinna Rem

what's up y'all

Out show at Holocene tonight was a fucking blast, Purple 'n' Green were so smooth, Soft Metals killed it and Rafael & Honey from Miracles Club kept the party going all night!  It was epic.  Check back for pictures and video.

Thanks everyone who came!


Band Practice, 1/7/11

Pete, Patrick & Chris
John, Brendan, Breanne, Krista

Our Christina took both photos, by the way...


Hey everybody, I'm excited to announce Ancient Heat will be playing at Holocene, Saturday, February 12th! Also on the bill are Soft Metals and Purple & Green, plus Miracles Club will be DJing all night!!  It's $3 at the door...y'all don't wanna miss this party...